Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

Nick Footer

CEO & Cultivator of Happiness


From an early age, Nick Footer has wanted to own and operate his own business after watching the success of his father and grandfather. His drive led him to obtain two business degrees, a bachelor’s and MBA, with a focus on Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Business Strategy.

He began working for a small full services agency in 2008, learning how to grow small businesses through marketing. Earning the trust of management they handed over social media activities to him, where he seized a regular blogging engagement and launched their social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The allure of search engine marketing began to capture Nick and in 2010 he began working for Anvil Media eventually taking on a business development role. In his years at Anvil, he sharpened his search marketing skills and more importantly continued reviewing and consulting with businesses creating digital solutions for their business problems. His passion for giving back to his clients, providing world class services, and working with amazing teams is why Intuitive Digital is one of the up and coming search engine marketing agencies in Portland, OR.

Anish vonAhlefeld

VP of Partner Services


Anish is a digital marketing veteran. With years of experience in creating and managing digital content, Anish is our go-to for building relationships with our clients and producing top quality work.

A graduate of Portland State University, Anish holds a degree in Business and has spent the majority of her career servicing small businesses. Before joining Intuitive Digital, Anish spent almost six years owning her own web and graphic design firm.

A creator by nature, Anish is our VP of Partner Services. She’s our resident “Cool Office Mom”, whether you need a sounding board for new ideas, or someone to remind you to recycle, she’s a friend and mentor to all in our office.

When Anish isn’t creating new websites, implementing new strategies or cultivating happiness, you can find her at the rally races with her husband, loving on her pup Elsa Bean, or traveling to a Ducks game.

PS – She really is as great as she sounds.

Dan Auerbach

Director of Operations & Zookeeper


After years of office management in the legal field, Dan was thrilled to join the remarkable world of Digital Marketing at Intuitive Digital. Dan is a Portland native, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Oregon. Although most of the SEO, PPC and Coding languages go straight over his head, he is very excited to be able to take care of the team and ensure all Administrative, Financial, and HR aspects are organized and managed.

Outside of work, you’ll find Dan finishing up his Master of Business Administration in Finance at Concordia University or taking long walks with his wife and adopted dog from the Oregon Humane Society. Having been to 6 of the 7 continents, traveling has always been a passion of Dan’s. He has plans to see the last, Antarctica, at some point in his life.

Kelly Knowles

Director of Accounts


Kelly is a Portland native with a penchant for bad puns and 80’s movie references. She has 13 years of digital marketing experience, ranging from in-house, to a multinational search company, to her last few years of agency account planning.

She has a passion for learning your business, developing a unique, layered strategy for your online success, and interpreting performance through data. If she’s not happily glued to her computer screen, Kelly’s probably singing Aerosmith songs to her baby boy, watching horror movies with her husband, listening to true crime podcasts, sweating it out in yoga, and always winning at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Always. Just try her.

Lynn Hericks

Senior Digital Strategist


With a scientific background and a passion to continually learn, Lynn found a perfect combination for her analytical and creative interests in digital marketing. Her experience with SEO, content creation and digital marketing tools allows her to do what she loves— helping others create and grow their place on the web.

In her free time, Lynn is constantly working on her own projects. She loves carving woodblock art, writing, hand-making notebooks, or trying to create something new. Lynn also loves hiking, burritos, and hanging out with her sassy basset hound, Huckleberry.

Alysha Schultz

Senior Account & Intuitive Brand Manager


Alysha was raised but not born in Portland, and her east coast sensibilities often emerge in a contentious game of Celebrity. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English with a Minor in Writing from Portland State University. For four years she ran the marketing department in-house for a medical clinic, doing everything from project management and content creation to working directly with partners.

Alysha is passionate about understanding and cultivating brand identities, helping businesses share their story with the public through marketing.  She loves hitting the hiking trails around Portland with her family, checking out the newest brewery in town, or talking a friend into seeing a show at the Crystal Ballroom with her.

Kelly Miller

Account Manager


Kelly was born and raised in the Bay Area, but fell in love with the Pacific Northwest while she was in college. She graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public Relations. She has experience in both public relations and internet marketing, doing everything from content creation to developing digital strategies and working with partners.

Kelly is most passionate about understanding a partner’s business and executing on unique strategies that help achieve their goals. In her free time, you can find Kelly learning a new hobby, dripping sweat in a cycling class, watching The Office, or testing out a new recipe.

Jake Phillips

Digital Strategist


Jake is a native Oregonian with a love of rock climbing, cats, and keyword research. He has a background in computers and was able to successfully transfer that knowledge into SEO and Digital Marketing. His experience with SEO, content marketing, and digital analytics allows him to follow his passion for growing a business’s digital presence.

In his free time, Jake can be found at the local bouldering gym or crag. He loves the problem-solving and community aspect that rock climbing provides. He also enjoys spending time at home with his two cats, Arthur and Alice.

Lauren Freeman

Digital Strategist


Denying her Floridian past, Lauren is a PNW girl at heart and can’t get enough of Portland itself. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Communications from University of Florida and has a deep love of understanding human behavior, but her career focus has now turned to the incredible world of Digital Marketing and PPC Strategy.

After work and on weekends, you can find her snuggling her two pit-bulls (Stella and Mr. Gabe), walking to dinner (or brunch, or lunch), trying new ciders or going to music shows around town.

Max Allegro

Digital Strategist


An east coast transplant, Max was born and raised in the greater Washington D.C. area. He graduated with a bachelors degree in International Business and Minor in Marketing from King’s College. After several tours of teaching English and Economics abroad, Max returned to the states to focus his efforts on small business operations. His experience in eCommerce and website optimization introduced him to the world of SEO and digital marketing.

A travel junkie, soccer fanatic, and craft beer enthusiast, Max can usually be found on the local soccer pitch or tuning into premier league games. On weekends he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and exploring his new home in the Pacific Northwest. He’s currently on a mission to find the best Thai restaurant in Portland.

John Sweet

Project Coordinator


John is a seasoned project manager with a passion for web development. His past lives have included developing energy efficiency programs for the Energy Trust of Oregon and coordinating fiber optic installations all over the PNW for CenturyLink.

More recently he has dedicated himself to becoming a proficient coder and web developer. He’s a firm believer that blockchain technology is a technical tsunami just over the horizon and is excited to be part of that wave.

John spends his free time building community, practicing yoga, learning to weld, trying to lucid dream and creating art for festivals. When he’s not focussed on expressing his creative energies, he’s been known to take off in his 22′ camper named Puck in search of adventure

Parker Wells

Digital Analyst


After graduating from Linfield College in 2017, Parker jumped into the small business life and launched a local gardening store with his family. This experience deepened his passion for entrepreneurship, made him fall in love with cactuses, and revealed how much Google runs the world.

Parker took his new perspective and sought out the next adventure. He discovered Intuitive Digital in early 2019 and saw the awesome things a team of motivated marketing geeks can accomplish. As a PPC Apprentice at Intuitive, Parker is overjoyed to learn alongside them and discover the exciting future of digital marketing together.

Dan Pogust

Copywriter & Office Plant


Dan was born and raised in the NYC suburbs (read: Connecticut)—their first words were “comma splice” and “brand identity.” They drove across the USA to study English at Reed College here in the better Portland and have since laid down roots. They have devoted over seven years of their life to sneaking their way into the marketing industry through building brands, writing content, and making d a n k memes on social media. We have no idea who hired them or how long they’ve been here—we counted our staff one day and realized that we now have two Dans.

They casually moonlight as a horticulturist and tend to a greenhouse full of tasty fruit trees and threatened tropical plants, whilst assembling one of the largest collections of passionflowers in the United States. If they’re not tapping away on a word processor, they may be tangling with vines at the greenhouse; overcommitting to overzealous baking projects; or dodging bad drivers on a 40-mile bike ride.

PS – They have the best earrings and they will fight you on that.

Jennifer Stewart

Digital Analyst


Jen is a native Oregonian who grew up in Eugene. She went to school at Oregon State University in Corvallis. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration optioned in Entrepreneurship. After that she moved to Portland and has loved it ever since.
She struggled to find the right career before discovering digital marketing. It turned out to not just be a career path, but an absolute passion. She is thankful to be able to do it everyday.
Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her cat, lifting at the gym and going to electronic concerts.

Elsa Bean

Office Dog


Elsa Bean is our professional office dog; arguably the most important position in the company (Nick, byeeeee). She loves long walks around the building as long as it’s not too cold or too wet… or too cloudy—she’s from California after all. She may love a good garbage sniff here and a belly rub there, but she’s definitely a “nap directly behind your chair so you can’t escape” kinda gal. Let’s be real, she’s basically a cat. Elsa hates long meetings (honestly who doesn’t), but as a working dog, she does have business cards just in case a partner needs to reach her. When mom steps out for a moment, Elsa stares longingly out of the window… waiting… wondering. She wonders of many things, but most importantly she wants to know if that food is up for grabs. Me, too, Elsa… me, too…


Queen of the office


Squiggles is the self-proclaimed queen of the office. Some say she’s a palm tree. Others say she’s a grass. She is neither. She spends most of her day glaring at our CEO through her metaphysical eyes as he ignores her silent commands. “You must bow before your superior and omniscient being—I am SQUIGGLES,” she screams without falter. She watches as we mere mortals toil away over our inconsequential work—she scoffs at the struggles of the human condition. “I am eternal. Our time will come.” She will bear the apple that poisons man once again… as soon as she figures out how to walk.